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Nordic Changemakers is a platform for togetherness. We are building a network of young changemakers from all Scandinavia (and beyond) who feel they have an urge to take action and transform our society. 

Welcome to an open space for collaboration between communities. A place where we aim to cultivate a collective understanding on the way we choose to make a change.

Our values

Process focus

Life is made out of processes. Everything we do day-to-day is constructed from a combination of intentions, leaderships, limits, abilities, and a little bit of fate. But being process designers of our lives and projects, we can dominate how we move, how we take decisions, communicate and leverage our outcomes. Let’s dig into the process of how to work so you can focus on what.


Sometimes we all end up in an endless circle of questions, doubts and resistances. Why should we always wait for the right moment to start making something?

Why not start exploring our opportunities now? Do-ocracy is a proactive mindset that enables change to happen and instills a sense of powerfulness.

Transformative self-care

We need a society that takes care for each other and a system that enables common trust. Change is only possible if we feel part of a greater network keen to help each other.

We believe in building up individual and collective resilience from self-care, culture, and an economy for the commons.

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An online event
November 20th


The door to a new collective wisdon

How can we make use of our differences to tackle our community and global challenges? How can we build back together from this crisis?

The Youth Cultural Innovation Forum is where everything starts. The entry point to build the roots for Nordic Changemakers, a Nordic network of young social entrepreneurs and cultural innovators. Join us in this 9-days online event to meet other people like you, discover new enlightening new ideas and share inspirational personal and project stories.

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Friday, 20th of November

Event kick-off
19.00 (CET)

Where did everything start from?

Saturday, 21st of November

'Getting to know the community'
18.30-20.30 (CET)

First Community Talk

Sunday, 22nd of November

'How did I do it?'

Lectures, interviews and inspirational stories made available online

Monday, 23rd of November

18.30-20.30 (CET)

Second Community Talk

Tuesday, 24th of November

'I had a dream'

Lectures, interviews and inspirational stories made available online

Wednesday, 25th of November

18.30-20.30 (CET)

Third Community Talk

Thursday, 26th of November

'Leveraging the power of community to make impact'

Lectures, interviews and inspirational stories made available online

Friday, 27th of November

'World Café'
18.30-20.30 (CET)

Fourth Community Talk

Saturday, 28th of November

The Final Conference
10.00-12.30h (CET)

Closure of the Forum: Design your Inner Compass workshop, Marketplace of Possibilities, Show of the Forum's harvest.

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It's a free online event of community building, inspirational lectures and coaching interviews.
During 9 days we will start building a Nordic network of young changemakers.

You can join the events that you prefer, of course,
but we'd love to see you in all!

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The team

Marciana Pantiru

Project manager

Nil Codina Martinez

Project manager

Siddharth Jain

Main facilitator

Terhi Nurminen

Quality assurance

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